Striker Posie was "born" into the burlesque scene in November 2015 after graduating from the New York School of Burlesque. Since then, she's created multiple imaginative acts ranging from dark and seductive to whimsical and weird to classic with a twist; her range is almost as broad as her ass! You can catch her in neoburlesque and nerdlesque shows all around the NYC area. 


Striker Posie shows off her inner whimsy with this imaginative act. Starting as the fluffiest rain cloud, Striker storms on the stage with an elaborate, feathery headpiece with blue LED light rain. An act that captures Striker's effervescence and sunny disposition even in spite of the rain! 


$triker Po$ie ju$t got paid, and $he'$ feeling generou$! A classic burlesque act... with a twist. 


Striker Posie brings the Beetle Ball to life in this tribute to the classic 90's animation by Don Bluth. If you're not dancing to the musical stylings of Gilbert Gottfried, are you even doing nerdlesque?

Cloak and Dagger: The Legend of an Intergalactic AssASSin

The year is 2525, and the galaxy is in an interstellar cold war. One burlesque star and highly covetted assASSin is on a mission: seduce all other cosmic spys, extract information, and leave no survivors. A sultry and dance-heavy with a dangerous final reveal...


OK, this one is weird. Though it was originally designed to be a one-off act dedicated to Striker's favorite celebrity pupper in an internet-meme themed show, this act has become a hilarious, in-demand tribute that has been performed in multiple stages and shows in Manhattan & Brooklyn. 

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